Free Business Services

Free business development services including education and expert consultancy are the integral part of the MKF LIDER concept of providing additional services for clients aiming at development and strengthening of their businesses. MKF LIDER supports clients through promotion of their products and services, networking and connecting with the market and finding new customers, including education and consultancy.

Platforma Pravi Lider has the important role of advisor, in the phase of starting-up and development of business, as well as in development of agriculture production. Educational section Business support i Agriculture Corner offers valuable educational contents related to business, online education with various topics, as well as professional articles from the field od agronomy and veterinary medicine. All platform visitors have an opportunity to ask question and get professional answer through the interactive section Agronomist Advice

Education and consulting are being delivered in the field as well. LIDER’s Client Advisors continuously provide consultancy and connecting support in the field of business in their daily work with clients, while the Agronomist, during the field visits, resolves actual issues of agriculture producers.