About Us

Microcredit Foundation LIDER was established in February 2002. by CHF International (Cooperative Housing Foundation), American humanitarian organization, involved in aid work in the area of local community development, development finance and reconstruction in 35 states worldwide. As one of project components financed by USAID in Bosnia and Herzegovina, CHF International has established MKF LIDER, and continues to support its growth and development.

LIDER is, nowadays, mature and stabile micro credit foundation, providing long term access to financial services for micro entrepreneurs and low income population on the territory of Federation B&H, for more than 15 years. LIDER currently works in the area of 34 municipalities in central part of B&H, Herzegovina and Tuzla Canton and continually supports micro entrepreneurs and low income households. Through the existing network of 7 Branches and 9 satellite offices (Our Branches) located in key municipalities, LIDER manages to, in the best possible manner, geographically cover the area of operations. MKF LIDER has 63 employees, out of which 35 Client Advisors. Currently counts with more tha 5900 active clients and loan portfolio of app 1,5 million KM.


  • TRANSPARENCY – MCF LIDER always provides customers with complete and accurate information and educates them about the terms of financial services provided in a clear and comprehensible way. The same principles are being applied to all other stakeholders.
  • FAIR RELATIONS   MCF LIDER does not discriminate and promote equal treatment for all.
  • HONESTY MCF LIDER – is fully committed to absolute integrity and high ethical standards in all of its business activities.
  • TRUST – Trust is the foundation of our business and will never be jeopardized.
  • PROFESSIONALISM MCF LIDER applies best practices, principles and laws in all business segments.
  • TEAM WORK – Good communication, coordination and cooperative action in order to achieve common goals.
  • RESPECT – We treat honestly and with respect all stakeholders.

Our Goals

“Micro credit fosters the improvement of economic and living conditions for multiethnic population within local communities. In this way, fresh capital entered into the local economy stimulates economic development, new jobs creation and improvement of housing conditions.” Mikro “LIDER” was established by CHF International in february 2002 to implement loan component of MEDI project, financed by USAID and SIDA. Mikro “LIDER” provides loans to micro entrepreneurs and low income families in the area of Federation B&H .


“To ensure long term access to microfinance services to targeted clients in social responsible manner aiming improvement of their living standards”.


LIDER believes that all people with a desire and capacity to improve their lives should have access to the financial and non-financial services they need and LIDER will support them to realize their potential and become full social and economic participants in their communities.


Mikro “LIDER” started with credit operations in 2002, with loan funds from USAID in the amount of 1,500.000 $, and SIDA in the amount of 500.000 $ through MEDI project, covering operational costs during period September 2002 – September 2004. Part of the operational costs for the period November 2003 – November 2006, to the total amount of 288.463 € , was covered by REDI project financed by SIDA. Loan fund of Mikro LIDER grows with additional funds of 1.500.000 € through LIDER project financed by SIDA, that has been completed successfully.