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Microcredit Foundation LIDER

Microcredit Foundation LIDER has been, for 22 years, providing long-term access to financial and free non-financial services to entrepreneurs and residents in the territory of the Federation of BiH.

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Field offices

Microcredit Foundation LIDER was established in February 2002.

LIDER is now a mature and stable microcredit foundation with over 7,900 clients and a loan portfolio of app. 28,8 million KM.

LIDER Area of Operations

LIDER currently operates in 53 Municipalities across 5 Cantons in the Federation of BiH

LIDER effectively covers its operational area through the network of 7 Branches and 15 field offices located in key Municipalities. Microcredit Foundation LIDER employs 75 people, 40 of whom are Client Advisors.

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For all clients, LIDER always provides complete and accurate information and educates them about the terms of the financial services offered in a clear and understandable way. LIDER applies the same principles to all stakeholders.

LIDER does not discriminate on any basis and advocates equal treatment for everyone.

LIDER is fully committed to absolute integrity and high ethical standards in all its business activities.

Trust is the foundation of our business and will never be questioned.

LIDER follows the best practices, principles and laws in all business segments.

Good communication, coordination and joint action for the purpose of achieving common goals.

We treat all interest groups honestly and with respect.

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Mission and Vision

To ensure long-term access to microfinance services for target clients in a socially responsible manner with the aim of improving their standard of living.

LIDER believes that all individuals with the desire and capabilities to enhance their standard of living should have access to the financial and non-financial services they need. LIDER will support them in realizing their potential and becoming full-fledged participants in the socio-economic life of their communities.

Our Goal

Through microcredits, we inject essential capital into the local economy, stimulate economic development, create new jobs and maintain existing ones, thereby enhancing the standard of living.

Microcredit Foundation LIDER provides loans across the broader region of Bosnia and Herzegovina.

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Over 293.5 million KM

Total value of disbursed loans (more than 88,970 loans)

Over 140 million KM

Total value of disbursed loans for small businesses and agriculture

Over 107.4 million KM

Total value of disbursed loans for homeowners


Total number of active clients with a portfolio amounting to 28.8 million KM


Overall repayment rate of all loans