Solution for all challenges and needs of your agriculture!

You are involved in agriculture production or provide services in agriculture, you are a member of agriculture cooperative or association.

We shall support you financially in:

  • Purchase of fixed assets – equipment and agriculture machinery
  • Construction or renovation of premises
  • Purchase of live stock and poultry
  • Purchase of seeds, live stock food, fertilizers…
  • Other investments for agriculture improvement or combination of previously listed activities.

Besides financial support, LIDER will support you in development of your business and ideas in line with your needs and interests through the package of FREE NON-FINANCIAL SERVICES:

  • Consultancy
  • Education
  • Assistance
  • Promotion
  • Networking
  • Experience sharing
  • Business idea development


AMOUNT: 500 KM – 10.000 KM (Currency BAM – with currency clause)

Criteria for loan indexing: Loan is closed with currency clause tied to Euro as per the middle exchange rate of the Central Bank of B&H on the day of contract.

REPAYMENT PERIOD: 6 – 60 months

ANNUAL INTEREST RATE: 17,9% – 18,9% (client segment related), fixed, annual

EFFECTIVE INTEREST RATE (EIR): (includes annual interest rate, commission, cost of BoE (5 KM), pledge on mobile assets registration (as per actual tariff), cost of documents verification (as per actual tariff), intercalary interest as per nominal interest rate) from 20,70% for the amount of 7.000 KM and repayment period of 60 months

COMMISSION: 2% – 2,5% (client segment related)

GRACE PERIOD: up to 24 months

Possible additional costs:

  • Bill of Exchange
  • Pledge on mobile assets – check and registration (in case of pledge guaranty)
  • Intercalary interest
  • Cost of document verification.