Customer Charter

Our commitment to You, our clients

LIDER wishes to become leading institution in the sector providing clients with the highest standards of service quality. To make sure, we are achieving this, we promise the highest quality of service we provide. We promise fullfiling the needs and expectations of our clients and provision of services we are proud of.

LIDER appreciates and respects You as a client. We give the following promisses:

  • We will deliver our services politelly and professionaly
  • We will provide You with quality financial and consultancy services
  • We will inform You on new products, procedures and policies on regular basis
  • We will respect You and Your choices with regards to services you need
  • We set high standards being respected, monitored and regularly revised
  • We will measure the level of satisfaction with services through questionaires, telephone calls and regular analysis of clients’ opinion
  • We will inform You about our standards and performance achievements
  • We will carefully consider Your requests and complaints, and reply within 7 days
  • We quaranty the privacy of Your personal data

Our staff will:

  • Always, first introduce themselves and LIDER, and wear the LIDER ID card with the name, so that the clients know with whom they are talking with
  • Provide clear information on our loan products and ways of using them, listen and strive to assist
  • Respond to all requests courteously, efficiently, expeditiously and professionally
  • Treat all clients equally, openly and respectfully
  • Comunicate with clients honestly and transparently, and respect their choice
  • Use collected information in accordance with Laws and principles of responsible business practices

Our offices will:

  • Be accessible
  • Have working hours posted and visible, as well as Loan Officer mobile telephone number for the case of him/her being in the field in the moment of visit

How you can help us:

  • Please treat our staff with courtesy and respect
  • Please provide us with all information and documents required for loan processing
  • Please notify us of any changes occur to Your data
  • Plese let us know of any special needs and requests that you expect LIDER to meet
  • If You are, under any circumstances, unsatisfied with services provided, have some suggestions or recomendations, or maybe compliments, please do not hesitate to write it down and put into the suggestion boxes placed in our offices.

Thank You for cooperating with LIDER.